UKIP: On The March

THE up-coming local and general elections are going to be one of the busiest ever. There is no guarantee as to how many people will vote but there does seem to be a fascinating number and variety of people standing at both local and national level.

The most fascinating ward is Aveley where we understand that Tory Councillor Wendy Herd will be defending her seat against Labour, Lib Dem, BNP , UKIP and former Tory Mayor, Colin Churchman, who will be standing as an Independent.

On saturday, we caught up with UKIP candidate, Tim Aker. The following interview with Tim was a tour de force through a whole gamut of political issues.

Since graduating from Nottingham Univ with an honours degree in politics, Tim has been immersed in the political scene. He worked for the Taxpayers Alliance for a number of years and now works as a political assistant for MEP David Campbell-Bannerman.

Tim may well be the future of UKIP, bringing it into the mainstream. Have a look and listen to what he says. There may well be a lot that people relate to.

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