Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Technologica: Gateway Academy

IF you are ever one to express your doubts and reservations about BTEC courses then you should really watch this film and the second part that will be on the site tomorrow.

The visuals are stunning and the dancing is of an extremely high standard. The amount of preparation and dedication must have been intense. Once again, a performance at the Gateway has played to sellout crowds.

Watch and be amazed!


  1. the second part is on here but were is the rest it was my daughters last year , i was unable to attend and iv heard that she was really good please would you put the rest on thankyou

  2. Lin,

    We were only there for the first part of the evening.
    We are sorry if we missed your daughter’s piece.
    The school were filming the whole event.
    Give them a ring and I am sure they can do something for you
    Michael Casey


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