Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tory Candidate Throws Scorn at Darling Budget

Thurrock Conservative candidate, Jackie Doyle-Price has thrown scorn over Alastair Darlings budget and has implored voters to see through it.

Jackie said: “This budget was all about the imminent election and not about fixing our broken economy.

“The simple truth is that Labour is spending more than Britain can afford. Everyone knows that when you get into debt you have to tighten your belt to pay it off or else it only gets worse. To put this in perspective, Labour will borrow more this year than will be spent on Education.

“We can’t go on like this. Until we reduce government debt we will not get the real investment and real growth that will enable the British economy to recover. Britain cannot afford another Labour Government.”


  1. I think Jackie has hit the nail on the head, this Government have totally lost the oplot with regards to the countries finance, we rea borrowing at the highest rate for 60 years, we have a Prime Minister who has no currage to turn things around, he can blame Tony Blair all he wants but he was the money man during his tenure in office.

    The country is an absolute disgrace the way it is being ran, it is time for someone else to take the lead and try and stabalise this sinking ship.

  2. Stylish headgear aside, the Tories must not gain Thurrock or they’ll have a Commons majority. Lib Dem, Green and UKIP supporters can safely vote Labour to stop them without Brown preserving his own majority, whereas 100 further up the Tory target list in Sth Basildon/E Thurrock voting Labour is too risky. A win there probably maintains a Labour Commons majority, so in Sth Basildon/E Thurrock the Tories must be supported to stop them.

  3. Lets go back to basics………………….The 2 main parties agree that we need to save millions of pounds to cut this big wedge we have borrowed.
    Lots of people are worried that votes for UKIP etc will dilute Tory votes etc so why dont the Tory’s agree to a referendum on Europe and then we can vote for the Torys, get Labour out and vote to get out of Europe which will save us the money we need.
    ps…getting out of Europe doesnt mean we cant trade with them.

  4. what we need is this country is a politician with a back bone, someone that will stand up and say what we all know, THIS country is full, we dont want nor need any more immigration, this is not a racist statement its a realist statement.
    we are having to build homes on our green belt land to cope with the influx of immigrants, our national health service is in crisis because it cant cope with the volume, the majority of births in this country are to immigrants, our roads cant cope with the traffic because it is full of foreign registered vehicles that dont pay road tax. we are handing out money to all sorts of ethnic groups for them to intergrate with us. Well if we didn’t segregate them in the first place they wouldn’t need to intergrate.
    we pay out thousands in benefit to people that have no intention to ever try to contribute to our society.
    we spend millions on political correctness, WHY????

    we are in financial meltdown. SOMEONE needs to put a stop to it. lets only spend what we really need to, dont hand out tax payers money to scroungers who have never contributed to the funds, close our borders, get out of europe, end political correctness, end human rights, let people protect their own property and family at all costs.

    sort out the banking system and the striking people, if they dont like their jobs get another one, let someone that wants to work do their jobs, and why did we waste so much money on the olympic park for a three week sporting event.
    9 million tickets for sale, HOW is anyone going to ber able to get there?? have you tried driving through the east end??? By 2012 the roads will be even more congested, then when the three week games are over the place will be sold off for a pittance, (remember the millenium dome)

    and all this house building to cope with immigration, our sewage system was built over a hundred years ago when we had a population of 20 million we now have 60 odd million that we know about, so it cant possibly cope. so as well as people spitting in the streets (disgusting) I suppose the next thing is they will be pooing in the streets.

    When can we return to the old days, when England was Part of GREAT BRITAIN when we were looked up to by the world. NOW wer are just the laughing stock of the world, a free ride somewhere where you can get paid to do nothing and even get to complain about it.

    PLEASE lets get a politician from any party that has the guts to put the great back in Britain. to allow us to live our way of life, that we fought long and hard for.

    give us a country to once more be proud to be a part of.

    Get control before it is lost forever


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