Friday, March 1, 2024

Police Intervene to Prevent BNP and Anti-Fascist Clash

PLANS by an anti-fascism organisation to protest against the BNP in Tilbury were called off today on police advice after fears of a violent confrontation with the BNP.

Hope Not Hate campaigners had planned to meet at Tilbury Railway Station at noon with a view to leaflet houses in the vicinity for a couple of hours. They had advertised the campaign on social media sites, facebook and twitter.

But at 1130am, a thirty strong group of BNP sympathisers including Tilbury cllr Emma Colgate gathered at the station.

They were met by a police detail of several cars headed by Acting Inspector Jackie Screech.

Insp Screech said: “We were made aware that two political groups were coming to Tilbury at the same time.

“We advised them not to do so and they agreed to postpone their activities.”


  1. Why does everyone fear the BNP, all this publicity surrounding them only strengthens their cause amongs people, they are a legitimate political party voted for by those who see them as an alternative choice for the british way of life.

    For those who want rid of them the only method available to them is through the ballot boxes, we live in a democracy where freedom of speech and choice is a way of life; however, there are those in power who seek to destroy this. as recently seen by the Equalities commissions recent court case against the BNP however they still allow the Black Police Association who segregate themselves from their fellow White officers, all these types of groups should be disbanded as it fails to integrate all race, creed & religion in society.

    So far from what I have seen of the BNP their policies are very limited, I would like to see their full manifesto on tax, the current debt, unemployment, education etc.


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