Sunday, December 10, 2023

“No Eighties Revival” Say Milibands As Campaign Hots Up

FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband and Secretary of State for Energy Ed Miliband joined forces with MP Angela Smith to launch a new poster campaign for Labour in Prospects College, Basildon earlier today (saturday).

The campaign poster, designed by a young Labour activist, shows David Cameron depicted as DCI Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes with the slogan: “Don’t Let Him Take Britain Back To The ’80’s”.

In front of the national media and tight security, David Miliband made reference to 15% interest rates and 3 million unemployed as just two of the reasons to note vote Conservative.

Mr Miliband said: “I’ve been through the eighties once thanks. Never again.” While Energy Secretary Ed Miliband made reference to the what he saw as the growing isolation of the Tories in Europe and the £6.5 billion cut promised by Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

YourThurrock spoke to the three ministers on a variety of issues that effect the people of Thurrock just a few days before the General Election campaign begins in earnest.


  1. Well we could either go back to the 80’s or stay in the dark ages with the current leadership, yes inflation is only at approx 2% but employment is at it’s high, young people are struggling to gain employment, the economy is in a mess with national debt at it’s highest for 60 years.

  2. It isn’t the Tories that will take us back to the eighties is it? Did my ears deceive me or did Alastair Darling say this week that Labour cuts will be deeper and harder than those under Thatcher?

  3. Bizarre advert and certainly Angela Smith must lose as if Labour win Sth Basildon/E Thurrock they’ll have another Commons majority.  Lib Dems, UKIPers and Greens can safely vote Tory there to block it without Cameron having a majority, but lower down the Tory target list in Thurrock voting Tory is too risky.  A win there likely means a Tory majority so in Thurrock Labour must be backed to stop it.

  4. So the Tories taking us back to the 80’s? unlike the current Labour party who have taken us back to the 70’s with Strikes, Unemployment and the country teetering on the brink of bankrupcy, I say well done the Labour PR man, what an absolutely brilliant own goal…..


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