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Carl Morris: “There Is A Stark Choice”.

An Open Letter from the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Thurrock, Carl Morris

“THE WAITING is over and on 6 May, Thurrock, along with the rest of the country will have its chance to say who should govern … and there is a stark choice.

“The people of Thurrock and the people of our great nation have a clear choice.

“Here in Thurrock we have seen what the Tories means in the 21st century. It’s simple; the Tories have turned Thurrock into a laughing stock. Tory-run Thurrock has meant waste, poor services and a complete inability to understand or control council finances.

“Why should a Tory Government be different? Do we want our nation to go down the same road as Thurrock?

“I’m a local man and I’ve spent the past 20 and more years working to get the best possible deal for local people, many local people will know this – whatever their political persuasion.

“Locally, what do the Tories offer? Somebody who does not understand local people; somebody who does not comprehend local issues; even somebody who says our Green Belt is not sacrosanct!”

Carl says: “We all might have wanted the Government to have thrown up a barrier hoping the world-wide recession would pass us by. But that’s our hearts talking. Our heads know that it was the greedy bankers and their Tory friends in this country and across the globe put us in this position.

“This election will be about values. Labour has at its core, values of fairness and genuine concern for the ordinary people – people like you and me, people who go to work day in and day out, and people who want their Government to support their families through the difficult times and that’s exactly what Labour has done. The Tories priority of a tax cut for millionaires says everything about Tories values

“In the coming weeks we are all going to be inundated with sound-bites; with ‘policies’, and with television debates. It will be non-stop and there’s little doubt that come Thursday, May 6th we’re all going to be pretty fed up with it.

“All I ask is that the people of Thurrock look beyond the rhetoric. I ask that the voters of Thurrock ask themselves: Who is best for me, for my neighbours and for my friends and relatives?”

“We know what’s at risk with the election of a Tory Government and it’s not good for Thurrock. We also know a Labour administration will put the people first.

“The choice is yours.”


  1. Whilst I agree with certain parts of PPC Morris’ open letter that Thurrock has become a laughing stock this is part due to the councils inabillity to work together as a team with councillors out to point score for their own political party and there is no getting away from it, PPC Morris has been part of this problem along with the Tory, Lib, BNP etc that have been charged with securing the areas future.

    As for having another term with Labour incharge of the nation this would be suicidal for the country, they came to power with approx £6b of debt and the country is now approx £160b in debt, this government have been negligent in running the countries affairs and should not be allowed back into office, we eneded up with a Prime Minister that nobody voted in when Mr Blair stepped down, this should have been the time for a general election, Mr Brown had already showed his misuse of the Nations coffers when he was Chancellor so there was no real supprise when he continued to bury the country in debt when he became PM

  2. You are right there Lambo,PPC Morris was one of the main antaginists at the council meetings continually trying to score political points rather than work together for the good of the Borough’s residents.I was always confused as to which ward he actually represented,I believe it was Grays Riverside,problem was he appeared all over the borough every time there was a photo opportunity there was Mr Morris.

    He refers to the worldwide recession and blames greedy bankers and the Tories,was it not Gordon Brown who encouraged and indeed championed the bankers for their risk taking?To blame the Tories shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation and is just a cheap political shot. He talks about
    concern for the ordinary people who go out to work,and yet Labour has made millions dependant on welfare as a way of life rather than working!

  3. I thought Mr Morris would be rather keen on the tories recognising marriage in the tax system after all he is very fond of wedding cake.


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