Council Pressurised To Sign Prompt Payment Code

Thurrock Borough Council has been urged by Essex Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to sign the Prompt Payment Code as a public commitment to treating its suppliers fairly.

Essex FSB spokesman for Thurrock, Ross Bannister, said: “”Getting paid promptly for work done is important, especially for smaller businesses which can face significant cash flow problems if there is a delay in payment for a major contract.

“That is why Essex FSB is encouraging public and private sector organisations in Essex to sign up to the Code and then make sure they honour the Code’s obligations.

“Within Essex there are currently only four councils which have signed the Prompt Payment Code and sadly Thurrock Borough Council is not one of them.

Local businesses have been highly critical of the slack attitude to payment by the council with invoices lost, payment slow and even products delivered lost in the system.

“We are hoping that they will sign the Code as a further indication of the commitment being shown by the council to supporting the local business community during the current economic climate.

“Then having signed the Code it is important the council honours the commitment it has made and Essex FSB is keen to hear from suppliers whether organisations which have signed are keeping to their payment terms and details can be sent to and can be treated in confidence.

“More details can be found at “

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