Saturday, December 2, 2023

Election Diary: Day 3

WELL, we all knew it was going to be the big day. It had been advertised as such. Anyone who was anyone knew it was going to be on. Yep, you guessed it, Jimbo at the Thameside Theatre!

The Tories decided to get the big guns out, a man of substance, the political heavyweight that would have the others parties in a sweat. They couldn’t find him so they asked Stuart St-Clair Haslam to pop out of his office at lunchtime so they could claim their £20.

Stuart had his photo taken with Jackie Doyle-Price. Jackie was out and about in Grays High Street to talk to undecideds and floating voters but Stuart said he couldn’t stay. He had a lunch appointment with Colin Churchman and Leo Milan-Vega.

Labour meanwhile, were bolstered by the impressive interview we conducted with Grays Riverside candidate Martin Healy. We think it might have re-ignited Charles Key’s campaign!

Parliamentary candidates put out their statements: Stephen Metcalfe called for change, Carl Morris warned of the stark choice and Carys Davis sent out a photo of herself and Vince Cable.

The biggest campaign of the day was being fought by the council’s Be Smart team. It could have been our imagination but you couldn’t move in the borough for litter pickers, lawnmowers and pick up trucks. Who said there wasn’t a Green Party standing?

We met Diana Hale and Angie Gaywood up in Stifford Clays and then Tim “Nice and Not So Dim” Aker up in Aveley. The two bellweather wards. We spoke to voters and set up a filming schedule but the challenge will be to get people out to vote. It isn’t apathy but a genuine lack of knowledge as to why they should be voting. That’s not something that can be turned around in a month but who knows.

Oh,,and Cllr Rob Gledhill e-mailed us to claim his £20. OK, if we give it to St Luke’s Hospice?


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