Lib Dems kick-start Thurrock’s “Most Inclusive Campaign”

LIBERAL Democrats in Thurrock have today swung into action to launch their campaign, the moment Gordon Brown announced the election had been called at approx. 10.45 this morning.

To kick-start their campaign, candidate Carys Davis has unveiled accessible materials for disabled voters in the constituency.

An ‘Easy Read’ guide has been especially designed for voters with a learning disability and an audio CD has been recorded for people with visual impairments. Carys has taken advice from disability charities to design the materials and hopes other candidates will do their bit to reach out to all of Thurrock’s voters.

Carys said:

“Liberal Democrats in Thurrock are going into this election more confident than ever. So many people have told me they feel let down by Labour, but they’re just not convinced the Tories will stick up for them. The more they know about the Lib Dems, and how politics is changing, the more they realise we provide a real alternative.

“Over the past few months, all candidates have been contacted by disability charities to encourage them to create accessible materials. I’m appalled that the government wants to increase voter turnout, yet many people with disabilities can’t access the information they need to make an informed decision.

“There are still so many unbelievable barriers. Some polling stations aren’t accessible for wheelchairs and postal vote forms aren’t available in Braille. In addition, candidates don’t do enough to provide information about their campaigns in accessible formats. The leaflets that come through the door are often in small print and people with learning disabilities just aren’t catered for.

“I’ve been working hard on these materials because I believe that no-one should be cut off from democracy because they have a disability. I hope that the other candidates will follow suit and make an effort to reach out to all the voters in Thurrock.

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