Sunday, December 10, 2023

Stephen Metcalfe: Time For Change

With the General Election declared just hours ago, Conservative candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock calls for change on May 6th.

In ann open letter to his constituents, Mr Metcalfe has detailed why and how the Conservative Party will change the country.

“We are now on the brink of the most important General Election in a generation, an election that will determine the very future of this great country.

“After all the waiting, all the planning and all the campaigning over the last three and a half years the time has finally come to ask the electorate to get rid of this rotten, discredited and arrogant Government!

“This election is about change, about the future direction this country takes, we now more than ever need to communicate the message that if people want change they have to vote for it – they need to vote Conservative.

“Gordon Brown has brought Great Britain to the brink of bankruptcy, he has failed to control immigration, tied up our doctors and nurses with red tape, lumbered our police with mountains of bureaucracy, betrayed us over Europe, failed our pensioners, over-regulated our businesses and presided over the longest and deepest recession in British history.

“David Cameron has put forward a raft of policies to start to tackle the problems – they include:
• Being honest about tackling our debt crisis.
• Controlling immigration by setting an annual limit and adopting a system similar to the Australians.
• Abolishing the top down target culture and put patients at the heart of the NHS.
• Freeing our police from bureaucracy and get them back out on the streets.
• Starting to negotiate power back from Brussels to Westminster.
• Supporting our businesses to help us grow our economy again.
• Creating disciplined schools for our children to make the most of the opportunities on offer.

These and other important issues are the issues that this election will be fought on.

My message to the people of South Basildon & East Thurrock is…

“Don’t leave it to someone else to do it, if you, like me want change then please vote for it and together we can put this great country back on its feet.”


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