Friday, December 8, 2023

Election Diary: Day 4


I guess we are the only ones in Thurrock who are travelling between each party and can feel the pulse of the campaigns. Not that we are a perfect judge of character or any good at predictions but if nothing else, we wanted our coverage to be some form of social document that people will refer to in years to come as painting some form of picture as to how the General Election of 2010 was fought.

“You Win Nothing With Kids”

Can we just explain to some that the quotation is a reference to Aston Villa v Man Utd in 1993 when, early in the season, Alex Ferguson played a Man Utd team populated with 19/20 year olds called Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Neville etc. They lost 4-1. Football pundit Alan Hansen later commented that Man Utd would..”Win nothing with kids”. Man Utd went on to win the title and the rest was history……….Phew………..

Tories: Team Jackie

Team Jackie looked very relaxed at Henry’s. It was good to see the support of many of the councillors, prospective councillors and their families. Jackie Doyle-Price looked relieved the real race had begun. We enjoyed interviewing her. It was interesting that she recalled the eighties as the time when her parents were able to buy their own house. The same applied to both yourthurrock reporters present and to be honest we really enjoyed the debate on state and the individual which was as cogent an argument as it was with Ronald Reagan. I only worry that the interview didn’t become too intense.

I’ve Seen The Future of the Thurrock Tories……….

………and his name is Phil Anderson. The 42 year old is a council candidate in Stanford East and Corringham Town. We have often thought that the Tories always appear to have several Deputy Leaders and no natural leader. Cultivate this man, who so clearly ticks all the right boxes (thanks Eddie) and the Tories could have the cornerstone of a brave new era. That’s if, after this election, they undertake the root and branch reform they so desperately need.

I See No Ships

In many ways these early days, with 29 days until the polling day, are like the early miles of a marathon. Both parties are out there, knocking on the doors and looking for the signs. People seem to be fairly polite. It isn’t like Tories in scottish mining villages in the 80’s or Labour in the Berkshire manor houses.

Both parties announce that they don’t see the others about at all. You see or you don’t see what you want to see.

Interest Groups

It will be interesting to see whether any of them use national agendas and powers to invite candidates “for interview”.


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