Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Jackie Doyle-Price: Time For Change

SPIRITS are high as Team Jackie convened at Henry’s on Romford Road, Aveley. Relaxed, posing for photos with the team, Jackie looked relieved that almost three years after she was selected to stand as the Conservative Party’s, prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, the real battle is well and truly on.

Jackie has to claw back 6,375 votes in order to be the first Tory MP for Thurrock since 1992. The softly-spoken Yorkshirewomen is confident she can and believes that the election is down to a question of the economy and a straight forward choice between Gordon Brown and David Cameron. When asked the question as Lord Mandelson had asserted that Labour must be left to finish the job. Jackie said: “Well, we will all be bankrupt then.”

With Labour using the eighties as a weapon of choice, Tories such as Jackie have been quick to point out that it was the right to buy that emancipated many members of the working classes and they thanked the Conservative Party by returning them to power in 1983, 1987 and 1992.

Jackie’s campaign is based on the philosophy of tearing back the state and bringing back the country to the people and away from bureaucracy. It will be fascinating to see whether she can persuade enough people on the doorstep to vote Conservative on May 6th.

In this in-depth interview, we discussed a huge range of issues, policies and beliefs that Jackie will be taking to the people about over the next four weeks.


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