Thursday, May 30, 2024

Next Top Boss: Big Success

WE are not sure how many students Project Manager Lucy Harris and the team thought they would sign up at Palmer’s College but they were bowled over by the interest from the Sixth From College.

There is no doubting that the campaign/challenge wires into the Dragon’s Den/Apprentice ethos and that is something students wire into. It is a far call from the grey suits of business.

The campaign is really gaining momentum.

The Next Top Boss roadshow hits Lakeside Shopping Centre this week, from Thursday 8th – Wednesday 14th April, at U9, Level Two of the Main Mall, outside Game. The team is visiting the shopping centre to recruit youngsters for the Thurrock based challenge, which starts next month.

Teenagers from Palmer’s College, Thurrock Youth Cabinet and performance group Theatre Is… will be joining the roadshow to spread the word and get likeminded 17-19 year olds to sign up for Next Top Boss.


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