Prospective Profile: Angie Gaywood

ANGIE Gaywood has been a focal point in many campaigns around the borough. A passionate campaigner for the preservation of the State Cinema, a stout defender for Arthur Bugler school and many other causes. She has “paid her dues” standing in Orsett and now has a real chance in one of the key bellweather wards, Stifford Clays.

Labour’s dander is up. The previous representative was Tory Mayor Maureen Pearce, who admitted that she was just a paper candidate six years ago. Indeed, according to Labour, former Tory Portfolio Holder Leo Milan-Vega has been helping their campaign.

There are challenges in the ward. Many of the shops in Crammavill Street are boarded up. Incidence of youth crime are high. Speaking to many people on the doorstep, they are simply not engaged with local politics.

Angie seems keen to tackle these issues. Keen to learn the ropes on the back-benches as a representative of the people.

She has a keen challenge with the Tory candidate Tom Kelly standing against her, who is typical of the young mid-twenties candidates who could be heralding a brave new world for the Thurrock Tories. Time will tell.

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