Phil Anderson: Future Tory Leader?

F SCOTT Fitzgerald once described Los Angeles as twenty seven suburbs in search of a city. So it seems to us that the Thurrock Tories possess a large number of deputy leaders in search of a natural leader.

We had heard of Phil Anderson through his work with the wonderful Bar ‘n’ Bus so it was a pleasure to meet him up in the ward of Stanford East and Corringham Town.

Spending a little while in his company was a revelation and we came to the conclusion that if he wins and the Tories nurture him properly, then they could have a future leader on their hands here.

Phil, simply, as one Tory said “Ticks all the right boxes” but most of all has convictions and a political philosophy. Committed to the community but vastly experienced on a number of fronts.

The whole tone of Phil’s convictions is one of service. It will be a fascinating fight in the bellweather seat where the organisations skills of Mike Revell will no doubt come to the fore.

Good candidates have lost wards before and with a UKIP presence and a Lib-Dem absence there may be a split in the vote that may let Labour’s Phil Smith in to retain his seat.

This could be the vital seat that could dictate how the council looks.

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