Monday, September 26, 2022

UKIP Candidate Still Working Hard

IT IS funny that we are using the term “Still” when there is just under a month to go until the local and national elections. As has been documented, UKIP candidate for Aveley, Tim Aker has been working tirelessly for the party both internationally, nationally and locally for quite some time.

Tim is clearly enjoying the challenge and really bringing politics to the people. For Tim and Independent candidate Colin Churchman, canvassing on the streets that they were brought up and live on is a natural process and it is the hard work that they are putting in which may persuade people to re-engage with politics.

Can he win: with a month to go, it appears to be a two horse race between Tim and Colin but there is still a long way to go.


  1. Tim please do try and tell the truth and get your facts straight.

    1) At 1.44. The East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) was scrapped on the 1st April 2010 so I have no idea how they can decide what is built where.

    2) At 1.48. EERA never pushed through plans for the development on the Aveley by-pass the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (TTGDC) did.

    3) At 1.55. No Conservative or Labour Councillor voted for building on the Aveley by-pass. The decision to build on land next to the Aveley by-pass was taken by the TTGDC and rubber-stamped by a Government Minister last year.

    4) 2.44. Latest OFSTED report shows Aveley Primary School has a capacity of 404 pupils but only 270 pupils on the roll and Kenningtons Primary School has a capacity for 351 pupils but only 304 pupils on the roll. So Aveley Primary schools have room for another 181 kids.

    Tim your statement that the primary schools in Aveley is wrong. They are not full.

    5) At 3.15. The development on the Aveley by-pass was not in the EERA plans. EERA just allocate the Governments housing targets across the region and not specific site plans. Specific site plans for development are decided by the TTGDC.

    6) At 3.30. EERA was scrapped on the 1st April 2010 so Thurrock sends no Councillors to EERA. EERA never decided on planning applications in Thurrock anyway. The TTGDC did and still does.

    7) At 3.50. Yes cut the number of politicians. But Havering wards are not 3 times the size of Thurrock – if they were then Havering would have a population of 450,000 instead of 230,000. Havering wards contain an average population of 12777 and Thurrock wards contain an average population of 7500. Thurrock has a population of about 150,000 represented by 49 councillors in 20 wards. Havering has a population of about 230,000 represented by 54 councillors in 18 wards.

  2. Nobody treats UKIP seriously so nobody ever examines what they say and what they claim.

    UKIP appear to get away with making all sorts of weird and misleading claims and statements and they are never held to account .

    Perhaps Mr Aker should be reinterviewed and challenged on some of his statments? After all he wants to be a councillor representing the people of Aveley.

    The final word should be left to Tim Aker: 1.10 – “It’s a case of vote for me because you believe and agree in what I’m say”

  3. Nurse Nurse Dingle is out of his bed again!

    I too would implore you to get your facts straight Dingle.

    Your comments and following your numbering-

    1) EERA may have been scrapped on the 1st April 2010 but the Regional Spatial Strategy they set and which was adopted by Thurrock Council in June of 2009 still dictates the pattern of development in Thurrock including Aveley for whom Tim Aker at long last is prepared to speak up for!!!!!
    2)Whilst it is correct that EERA did not push through plans for the development on the Aveley By-Pass and this major development was passed by the TTGDC nevertheless Thurrock Council and Wendy Herd and her Tory pals and a majority of Labour Councillors did by supporting the core strategy give a strategic planning case for the development and thereby committed an own-goal gaff. Surely if the local Tory in Aveley had been watching the ball she, Garry Hague and the Tory run administration would not have allowed this part of the core strastegy to be included in the document approved by Council on the 27th January 2010 to give the TTGDC the startegic planning authority case to ensure this development now goes ahead. If Wendy Herd Garry Hague and their Tory colleagues including you and Lambo had spoke up and stopped inclusion of this development in the core strategy of the emerging LDF then the people of Aveley may have had a fighting chance of stopping this unwanted of development.
    3)Er Dingle and Lambo read what i have said above. No escaping the fact that indeed all, with the exception of a few dissenters, voted in favour of the core-strategy of the LDF at the Council meeting on the 27th January 2010! That is a fact Dingle and if you are the political commentor you purport to be then check your facts before you seek rather ineffectually to criticise what this genuine individual is saying.
    4) You are remarkably well-informed on what Ofsted have to say in their report and one wonders if you are a member of Thurrock Council????? Perhaps you or Wendy should ask the parents what the parents say about Aveley Schools and the inevitable over-subscription of school places that will follow when the development of 350 houses on the Aveley by-pass goes ahead and is built!!!!!! That is the point Dingle that Mr Aker and other well-intentioned candidates are stating on behalf of the residents of Aveley and which is not mentioned or contained in a bureacratic Ofsted report.
    5)Whilst it is correct that the development at Aveley By-Pass was not specifically in the RSS nevertheless the Government targets for house building in Thurrock and the local Tory run administration at Thurrock Council have as the strategic plan making authority given the case for strategic development of 350 homes on the Aveley By-Pass and a further 2100 homes in Aveley and Ockendon area the green light by allowing its inclusion in the core strategy of the emerging LDF. Shame on you Tories at Thurrock Council for this major own goal gaff!!!!!!
    6) Again Dingle read that which is stated earlier and surely Thurrock has been given an opportunity to raise representations to EERA at some point over recent years and the failure of the Tory administration over recent years is surely a major indictment of all Tories running for re-election or election for the first time on the 6th May. Time for a change Dingle and i don’t mean the Tories or Labour for that matter!!!!!
    7)Again Dingle you sound remarkably well-informed about the population of neighbouring boroughs and the division of the same into electoral wards. So much so that it is believable that you are a local Tory Politician possibly in Thurrock who would be better placed keeping your head down and ensuring you are are regretably re-elected to your own ward.

    Okay Dingle.

  4. 1) Tim Aker is wrong. EERA has been scrapped so how can Tim Aker claim EERA will decide what is built where in Thurrock? They never had that power.

    2) Albert are you being serious? The development next to the Aveley by-pass has been given planning permission. Nothing Thurrock Council can do can stop it. It has been aproved by a Government Minister.

    The development is a FACT. If any mention of this development was erased from the LDF exactly what would this do? Would it stop the development – No. The LDF simply recognises all the sites that have been given planning permission in Thurrock.

    Tim Aker is still wrong by stating EERA pushed through plans for this development. The TTGDC did and it was rubber stamped by the Government.

    3) No Conservative or Labour councillor voted for the development on the Aveley by-pass site. When it came to Thurrock Council the plans were rejected. The TTGDC gave the development planning permission which was then rubber stamped by a Government Minister.

    No Thurrock Councillor can vote to give the planning permission to this site as no Thurrock Councillor has the power to do this.

    The core strategy of the LDF recognises those sites that have been given planning permission or have been allocated for housing by the TTGDC.

    Tim Aker is wrong yet again.

    4) The Ofsted reports are available online. Anyone can view them. Tim Aker claims the primary schools ar full they are not. Tim Aker got it wrong. He can view them as well – just Google the schools name and Ofsted.

    Like I did.

    5) Tim Aker stated EERA imposed the Aveley by-pass development. Tim Aker is wrong yet again. The Local Development plan does not make the case for 350 homes on the by-pass site. It recognises the FACT that planning permission has been granted. You can’t erase this fact. As for the homes around Ockendon and Aveley – these have already been allocated as per the TTGDC – the ones in Ockendon are already being built.

    I understand – and please correct me if I am wrong – the next Conservative Government would rip up centrally imposed house building targets thus making the RSS and LDFs redundant?

    6) Tim Aker talks as though EERA still exists and councillors still attend. Tim Aker is wrong again. EERA has been scrapped.

    7) I got the population figures from Wickipedia. Anyone can use something called Google to find population figures, number of wards and number of councillors. It’s simple – give it a try.

    Tim Aker claimed Havering wards were 3 times bigger than Thurrocks.

    I just showed that he was wrong yet again.

  5. How interesting Tim Tim nice but dim should mention landfill tax. Does he know his parties policy for recycling?

    Or is that being kept quiet because there isnt one, UKIP want to lanfill in Aveley. He really should be keep in the loop.

  6. WELL I KNOW WHOS MY BET IS ON AND IT’S NOT NONE OF THE THREE MAIN PARTYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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