Saturday, June 3, 2023

Blogger: Two-Face Book in Cyberspace

Beverage to my left ‘check’, fluffy white cat to my right ‘check’.  Logged onto my face Book in front ‘check’. It has become a daily integrated part of my routine in life, has old face book. Every day I log on and check out peoples status updates (some funny, some heartwarming, some just plain annoying). I go to the email inbox, mostly full of rubbish from groups I have joined but the odd one from a friend or two which is nice.

I click onto the photos section, everyone’s new pictures that have been posted present them self on the screen, a mixture of pics from parties, weddings, days out, birthdays, new born babies, & pets. As I do this, I feel in a funny way, I’m part of each of their lives, it’s a strange comforting thing. I feel honoured to see how they are all doing on a day to day basis. Friends old & new, relatives, across the seas & local folk all in the one space & its great….or….is it all that rosey in the FB garden?

FB, it’s like a virtual world within our world I thought to myself. Is it healthy living part (or a lot of your life through a laptop or computer)! Could I actually go without face book that has crossed my mind a few times. Well, yes I could survive without FB it’s not a ‘need’ like food or water, it’s a ‘want isn’t it. The longer I pondered on this & the thought of not being able to keep up with my online world or expressing my life through it, it actually filled me with a little sadness. I’d miss FB!

Is there a darker side to FB, I guess like most things in life it’s always a double sided coin. Well yes I think there is, it can be abused by certain unsavoury people or groups…like the BNP for instance using it to build up a fan base and possibly luring in the ‘unaware & uninformed’ people. Potential stalkers, there was a case of an American woman (I believe) that had not locked her page & had all her information for the world to see, she was stalked & then murdered. Of course that is the extreme dark side we are talking about here. Young people being bullied by other young people with nasty messages and such. I myself have had comments made by certain people that were not particularly, how I shall put it, positive! There is an individual who may be for the FB ‘off with their heads’ (which is remove them from FB friends list) as there seems to be a constant swiping and negativity form her as she comments on my page.

Beam me up Scotty to my Face Book world, as I like visiting & I think I’m here to stay. I wonder if we will still be on FB in say 50 years from now, how big will world FB be then, if it even exists still? I hope you all continue happily on this online community, which it is in a way. Tend to your farms, send each other virtual gifts, and keep in touch with your online friends. Do leave your laptops/computers at some point though as the sun is out & the flowers in bloom. As much as I love FB I think it needs to be balanced with getting out there in the real world.


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