Saturday, December 2, 2023

2000 Films and Rising!

WE THOUGHT WE would just take a minute to mention that YourThurrock has just blasted through the 2,000 films mark. Considering we have only been running for twenty months, it is quite an achievement.

As you can appreciate, we are extremely busy with the General Election coverage but in many ways the election has given us an opportunity to “validate ourselves”.

As all the parties have agreed the use of social media, i.e youtube, facebook is a key part of the campaign strategy.

In 2004, very few people had heard of Barack Obama or youtube. By 2008, he had used the site as a key part of his election strategy.

We are planning to run a history piece on elections past. No doubt we will go to the microfiche at the Thurrock Museum in the Thameside Complex to do our research. We would hope that in five years time and beyond, people will go to yourthurrock and our youtube channel to establish what the 2010 election was like in Thurrock.

Ok…back to the queue of stories at


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