Forward Looking Manifesto Praised By Carl

Labour’s Manifesto for the May 6th General Election is “a forward-looking document which doesn’t hide present problems and suggests a fair and constructive way ahead”, says Carl Morris, the Labour Party candidate for Thurrock.

“The Manifesto sets out how Labour will protect frontline public services and not smash them as our opponents wish to do; how our economy will be rebuilt to take advantage of the opportunities after the global economic crisis; and how the Party will work to rebuild trust between the electors and the elected.”

Carl says: “But it is far more than this. These are just the headlines.

“The Manifesto details how a Labour Government will ensure prosperity for all and not an elite few; how it will develop the NHS into a world leader, strengthen our communities and secure our borders, lead to a greener future and support families from the cradle to the grave.”

He says: “People will claim that these are just political promises and will come to nothing, but here in Thurrock we can already see areas where Labour Government promises are already being put into action.

“The Manifesto says Labour will ‘build on the renaissance that British sport, culture and the arts have enjoyed’, and that ‘culture and the arts are vital to a modern economy’.

“The Labour Government is pouring millions of pounds into the National Skills Academy for Creative and Cultural Skills which will make Purfleet and Thurrock a centre for the cultural world in the next couple of years.

“And we have also seen what Labour money can do for education too. Once, not that long ago, parents fought to keep their children out of St Chad’s and Torells schools – now they fight to get into their replacement at the Gateway Academy.”

Carl says: “The Manifesto has many other policies that are close to my heart – changing the voting system and replacing the House of Lords are just two. I would urge everyone to look at it for themselves and not simply rely on the media for their spin.

“It will soon be available in the shops, but it is already downloadable from the Labour Party website ( free of charge – go look at it yourself and make your own mind up!”

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