Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Grays Athletic: “The Dream Is Over”

GRAYS ATHLETIC will play their last game at the New Recreation Ground on sunday April 24th and look to be dropping down at least three leagues.

The Bridge Road ground has been the home of the Blues for 120 years but it appears that the owners have become frustrated that a twenty year search for a new ground has proved fruitless.

With the news that their secretary Joel Nathan has also announced his resignation as of the last game when fellow strugglers Forest Green come to town, the troubles for the Blues look set to continue.

The club have applied to the Ryman League to ply their trade in the Ryman Premier or Division One North.

East Thurrock United is thought to be the most likely destination for a ground share.

It is not expected that manager Julian Dicks will remain at the club.

Speaking to BBC London last night, Chief Executive Andy Swallow admitted that gaining investment from local businesses has been difficult because “Of the way Grays has been over the last few years.”

Despite consistent reports since August that former Chairman Mick Woodward continues to be part of the day to day operation of the club, Mr Swallow denied this. He said: “Mick is not involved, one iota.”

Sources close to the club believe that the only hope for the club will be a slow rebirth and re-engagement with the community brokered by the Supporters Trust and Life President and fan for over sixty years, Glyn Jarvis.

A source said: “It isn’t over. There are countless examples where slowly and steadily a club has re-emerged from the ashes.

“We had our day in the sun and we have to be very very grateful to Mick Woodward for that. However, somewhere along the line we lost the community, the schools and perhaps crucially, local businesses.”


  1. How can a club go from being one game away from promotion into the Football League to virtual obscurity in so short a time?

  2. It is certainly a shame that the once prolific club of the area has dropped to such a low, there are probably numerous reasons why this has happened but whatever the reasons it is the future of the club that is now at stake.

    lets hope that the GAFC Trust can pick up the pieces and rescue local football once again..


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