Clive Ready To Take It To Parliament

THURROCK UKIP candidate Clive Broad is the epitome of the Thurrock man. Born in New Road, Grays, Clive has built up his business up to be one of the most reputable in the borough. Clive is also keen to give back to the borough. His tireless work with the Mardyke Rotary Club is legendary especially each year as he races around the course in the Thurrock Cycle Marathon.

Like many businessmen, they have become disaffected with the status quo. For many it stems from the early nineties and the Maastrict agreement. From that dis-satisfaction emerged the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Clive has been at the forefront for many years now. Never backwards in coming forwards, Clive is convinced that the borough needs an MP that will take the country out of europe and focus more on jettisoning waste both locally and nationally.

Clive drives his UKIP van up and down the A13. On the roads and on the streets he is gaining favourable reviews. Can he convert the success of the Euro Elections? May 6th will prove whether UKIP are restricted to a protest vote in the Euro’s or a considerable force in mainstream elections.

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