Stephen Metcalfe: Is It His Time?

THE atmosphere in the Metcalfe HQ is feverish. We wanted to film Stephen in the middle of the office so that we could get a feel for how busy it was. It was very busy.

It looks like a highly organised campaign by Mark Coxshall is bearing fruit. The posters, the leaflets, the pens, the website, the press releases. It is all on message and all going to plan.

It is a marathon and not a sprint and yet Mr Metcalfe seems quite serene and calm. You get the feeling that after a long time in politics, doing his apprenticeship, supporting Jerry Hayes in Harlow in the early eighties, becoming a councillor in Epping Forest, winning the nomination three years ago, you feel that Stephen feels the momentum is his.

Stephen doesn’t miss an opportunity. The HQ was a taxi office and people did pop in, hoping to book a taxi. Stephen leapt into action, not to offer his own taxi but to entreat the woman to vote Tory on May 6th. In a marginal, that one vote, that one piece of opportunist thinking, could make all the difference.

YourThurrock sat down with Stephen, amongst the hub-bub to gauge how the campaign is going and the feel for things out on the street.

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