Keith Hatcher: An Independent Voice

MOST people don’t know what a Section 106 is or an LDF. Organisations such as Thurrock Council are quite relieved about that. What would happen if “ordinary” members of the public cottoned on, started to dig about, empowered themselves. Not only would the officers start to worry, the councillors would as well.

That may be the “nightmare scenario” as mild mannered civil servant Keith Hatcher has decided to stand an an Independent candidate for Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park.

Last year Keith led a very robust campaign to ensure that Churchill Road remained a cul-de-sac and not become a “rat run for lorries.”

Now Keith wants to go one step further and be a representative for the people of the area and represent them first and foremost. Keith believes he has the backing of the people of Thurrock Park, The next challenge is to cross the road and convert the people of Tilbury Riverside.

That may not be that difficult with locals deeply underwhelmed by the performance over the past four years of Cllr Bukky Okunade who along with the other Tilbury councillors have been accused of “riding on the coat-tails of Carl Morris”.

Some say they may be horribly exposed now that Carl has stood down. It looks like that process has begun.

YourThurrock sat down with Keith to assess his chances and examine his policies.

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