Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Election Diary..When Is A Gaffe Not A Gaffe

Eric…In and Out of a Pickle

A few days ago, Chairman of the Conservative Party, Eric Pickles came to Stanford-le-Hope and Blackshots to rally the troops. He did a marvellous job. Eric’s rhetoric sweeps between bullish statesmanship to holiday camp “I’m here all week.” banter.

We ran our interview with Eric in Stanford. We were about to ditch our Blackshots footage when we noticed this encounter with a member of the public in the car park.

The man in question asked a genuine question: “Is an MP an overpaid solicitor or an underpaid social worker.”

Mr Pickles replied: “Both and he has to put with folks like you………..”

Of course, Eric then quickly regrouped and said: “and it is lovely to see you here sir………..”

Gaffe ungaffed? Indeed yesterday, at the moment Gordon was “loafed” we were interviewing Shadow Home Office Minister, Chris Grayling. We asked him to reflect on the Rochdale spot of bother. Mr Grayling, went for the “He who is without sin…….cast the first stone” school of politics and carefully ignored the question.

On top of David Cameron’s “Very pleased that everyone in Essex gets out of bed so early on a sat morning…….” at Palmer’s College on saturday morning, one may ask whether we are all getting far too sensitive or is it simply that a lame duck just gets no luck?


  1. Actually, the truth is that the heckler asked if MPs are ‘overpaid social workers or underpaid lawyers’, not the other way around.
    Eric retorts with some banter as Eric does best, in jest.
    Is this really worthy of an article?

  2. […] in Thurrock, for example, didn’t turn up to David Cameron’s visit, and sees first hand the potential for politicians to make gaffes on a local level but escape national attention.Opportunities for hyperlocalsYour Thurrock has turned its hyperlocal focus into a money-maker by […]


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