Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Thurrock Empowering Women

On Thursday an event to empower women was held at the Thurrock Asian Association Resource Centre, Grays, where 20 women attended. This get-together of women was organised by the Thurrock Racial Unity Support Taskgroup in partnership with the Thurrock Asian Association.

Explaining the purpose of establishing a women’s group; Yash Gupta President of Thurrock Asian Association said “Women play a very significant role in our families and they ought to play a leading role in the communities as well. This group will help to enhance the self confidence of local women”.

Ruth Juett Manager of TRUST added “With the help of the TRUST Women’s Development Worker the women joining in this group will learn languages, social and independent skills. They will become more confident and assertive”.

This group will meet at the Thurrock Asian Resource Centre, 35 Clarence Road, Grays, on Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm. Anyone interested to join this group should turn up and meet with Fadeke, the Women’s Development Worker.


  1. This group was running fine before. It was a nice friendly group run by someone the women had developed a strong bond with.
    Then they moved her somewhere else and this action destroyed the moral of this group.
    It will take a lot of hard work to get these women to return and form a group again. Just a few samousas will not make it happen



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