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Ward By Ward: Homesteads

James Halden (Conservative)

Kay Hipsey (UKIP)

Paul Woodley (BNP)

Tony Benson (Lab)

With Tory majorities of 200 in 2007 and 300 in 2008, the Tories seemed to have pulled away in The Homesteads and there is every indication that they may well pull away even further in 2010. Then again, they have done the hard yards and all three councillors were very assiduous in supporting constituents with recent planning applications.

Interviewing Tory candidate James Halden in the ward during thursdays rush hour, you got a better idea of how many people who live in The Homesteads commute. For them (and indeed) most people, the minutae of the Thurrock political bubble means nothing to them. For most, they will vote on the national issues, which will probably be bad news for Labour.

We are sure Tony Benson has been running a steadfast campaign but Labour may, should they lose by 300 votes, how they bridge that gap in 2011. It can be done.

Former Tory stalwart, Kay Hipsey could have upset the applecart had she been feeling a little brighter. Having said that, every resident in the ward will receive a UKIP newspaper this week. That may get a few people thinking.



    Kay Hipsey, UKIP candidate profile

    Last updated: 26/04/2010 16:23:00

    Kay Hipsey, UKIP parliamentary candidate for South West Norfolk.

    South West Norfolk UKIP candidate Kay Hipsey took the decision to stand after becoming “dismayed” with the Tory candidate Elizabeth Truss being “parachuted in”.

    A former member of the Conservative party herself, Ms Hipsey, 46, lost faith with the group a number of years ago and changed allegiance by joining UKIP.

    She said: “I had no intention of standing until I followed with dismay the episode with the Conservatives parachuting in a candidate, this time for SW Norfolk. People deserve better, they deserve to make their own decisions and choices.”

    Ms Hipsey, of Southery, near Downham Market, is now campaigning for more power for local people.

    She is outspokenly against unitary government in Norfolk, and believes local councils should retain their own identity.

    As a UKIP candidate she also believes farmers should be able to “grow what they want and sell it where they want” without interference from Brussels.

    Local businesses and funding for improved transport links are also a priority.

  2. I personaly think that any candidate standing for a local election should actually live in the local area, indeed this should also be the same for local MP’s


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