Thursday, December 7, 2023

Council Election Results

Aveley and Uplands

Tim Aker (UKIP) 553

Colin Churchman (Ind) 734

Wendy Herd (Cons) 1,264

Cliff Holloway (Lab) 892

Dave Strickson (BNP) 369

Tory Hold


Wendy Curtis (Lab)  1,682

Ricky Strickson (BNP) 727

Emma Woods (Cons) 1,167

Lab Hold

Chadwell St Mary

Derek Beackon (BNP) 811

Shane Hebb (Cons) 1,268

Barbara Rice (Lab) 2,016

Lab Hold

Grays Riverside

Michael Abiodun (Ind) 233

Martin Healy (Lab) 1,679

Charles Key (Cons) 1,355

Luke North (BNP) 563

Lab Hold

Grays Thurrock

Tom Davis (BNP) 432

Raj Mistry (UKIP) 456

Michael Stone (Lab) 1,846

Chris Scalise (Cons) 1,192

Lab Hold

Little Thurrock Blackshots

Alan Broad (UKIP)  647

Ben Maney (Cons) 1,362

Tracy North (BNP) 228

Mick Rankin (Lab) 804

Cons Hold

Little Thurrock Rectory

Rob Gledhill (Cons) 1,353

Aaron Mohammed (Lab) 893

Peter Prendegast (UKIP) 385

Donna Strickson (BNP) 283

Tory Hold


Lynn Carr (Cons) 1,723

Mark Gorman (BNP) 525

Thomas Kelleher (UKIP) 385

Tony Lane (Lab) 1,487

Cons Gain


Richard Speight (Lab) 729

Mark O’nion (BNP) 253

Mike Revell (Cons) 1922

Marie Andrews (UKIP) 329

Cons Hold

South Chafford

Tunde Ojetola (Cons) 1441

Olukayode Olukoga (Lab) 940

Mickey White (BNP) 203

Cons Hold

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Phil Anderson (Cons) 1,649

Phil Smith (Lab) 1, 620

David Godfrey (BNP) 384

Peter Fox (UKIP) 484

Cons Gain

Stifford Clays

Clive Broad (UKIP) 642

Angie Gaywood (Lab) 1,184

Tom Kelly (Cons) 1,108

Karne McGinn (BNP) 249

Lab Gain

The Homesteads

Tony Benson (Lab) 1,662

Kay Hipsey (UKIP) 544

James Halden (Cons) 2045

Paul Woodley (BNP) 413

Cons Hold

Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Keith Hatcher (Ind) 312

Bukky Okunade (Lab) 958

Ian Heffron (Ind) 91

Georgette Polley (Cons) 390

Anthony McGinn (BNP) 585

Lab Hold

Tilbury St Chads

Ben Gadsby (Cons) 450

Steve Liddiard (Lab) 1,120

Jay Slaven (BNP) 555

Lab Hold

West Thurrock and South Stifford

Gareth Davies (Cons) 1,193

Warren Parish (BNP) 574

Andy Smith (Lab) 1,628

Lab Hold


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