Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tories Take Thurrock

Tory Majority of 92

Carl Morris (Lab) 16,777

Jackie Doyle-Price (Cons) 16,869

Carys Davis (Lib-Dem) 4,901

Clive Broad (UKIP) 3,390

Emma Colgate (BNP) 3,618

Araba Arinola (Christian Party) 266

Total Votes Cast: 45,855
Turnout: 58.97%


  1. At long last the vote is in, still a dissapointing turn out with 58% bothering to vote, that said, Congratulations to Jackie Doyle-Price and commiserations to Carl Morris, whilst this is a small majority the people of Thurrock have voted against the inept Labour Government.

    The Country is heading for a Hung Parliament and no doubt deals will start to be done with the minority parties to try and swing a government that can run the country, the sooner that the constitution is changed so propotional representation is in place the better that way the part with the most seats, in this case the Tories, would take control rather than the defeated PM still retaining power

  2. Congratulations to Jackie Doyle Price. Would really like to have seen Carl Morris get in though because he is a dedicated Thurrock man and would have served us as well as Andrew Mackinlay.

  3. I’m very disappointed as well. I would have voted Lib Dem, but Carl Morris has consistently proved his quality as a representative of Thurrock. I hope that Carl Morris stands again – this time for Lib Dems.

  4. Many congratulations to Jackie Doyle Price.

    A majority of 92 is slim – and its no surprise that there needed to be a second count.

    But add together the votes cast for the Conservative, UKIP and BNP candidates and the scale of this borough’s disillusionment with Labour – and one of its many causes – perhaps becomes a little clearer.

    My fear is that the views of those who voted UKIP and BNP (as well as those who would have done had the need to eject Brown not been so overwhelming) will once again be ignored – they are, we’re told, just the ill-educated bigoted, after all – and I’ll be sitting here in 2014 reading that Labour won the seat with 10,000 votes, while the Conservatives, UKIP and BNP all scored 9,500 each.

  5. I think the Tories deserve praise for winning most seats.  But the actions of Lib Dem supporters are baffling.  If only 93 of their 4901 voters had voted Labour in Thurrock and a dozen or so similar seats, Labour would now also be a viable coalition partner.  The Lib Dems could have played Labour and the Tories off against each other.  This was all fairly predictable due to Thurrock place low down the Tory target list.


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