Friday, December 8, 2023

Election Count: 2am and Waiting


This could be a long night. Correction: it is already a long night. All the candidates are here, the counting has begun. Funnily enough, both Lab and Cons are hardly giving out positive signals. Locally, there are a few interesting signals that all may not be as it seemed. Trouble is: will the local election count be tonight or will we all be back in the morning?

The vibe is different over in Basildon. Mike Jones reports that it is damage limitation exercise for Angela Smith who may see keeping the gain down to 3,000 a victory of sorts.

No feel for the national scene. Brown makes a “valedictory” speech in Kirkcaldy while the BBC and Sky mull over the implications of the shut out. Indeed, local angle we are trying to ascertain whether voters in Chafford Hundred (at the campus)were shut out after 10am.

To be continued.

Estimated declaration time: 4am



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