Sunday, December 10, 2023

Blogger Mary P: To Vote Or Not To

“Knock Knock” “who’s there”? The political parties come a knocking!

“Knock Knock” (that was the man at the door). “Who’s there? “ I thought out loud in my head and also a little put out at being disturbed yet again from my piece of toast. I could spot through the gap in the blinds a red rosette pinned to his chest. Oh maybe the neighbour had won ‘Best in Show’ at Crufts with their lovely dog and had wanted to spread the good news!

I opened the door and there before me stood, well what would I call him a member of the Labour Party or a supporter? Well either one he was definitely one of them. “Hello” he said, are you Mary Poppins”? I replied with a yes. He then proceeded, “So who are you going to vote for” “I don’t know I said” eyeing him up suspiciously, I’m never keen on random knockers & it wasn’t that long ago I had had the Conservative party swarming the cul-de-sac where I live and knocking on my door.

He mentioned a few other things and then offered me their leaflet to read up on their policies & what they were all about. I took this quickly, really looking forward to getting back to my toast & him leaving my door step. He then suddenly piped up again “So, you don’t know who you are voting for”. I thought to myself this is like deja-vu I’m sure we had this conversation. I almost felt pressure into deciding, well I hadn’t.

So, it’s the day to vote 6th May 2010: the question/s on most people’s minds & lips, who are you going to vote for, why are you voting for them? In discussions it came up, “To have something new & fresh” “A working man’s party” “I trust them more” “What have they done for us” “I’m sick of the immigrants” “You have got to vote the suffragettes fought hard for women’s rights to”. To name but a few things and they all had very valid points to make.

8am I had still not decided, 10am still undecided, 2pm…yes you’ve guessed it I still couldn’t make up my mind, no matter how much I thought about it, no matter how much I questioned and listened to the different opinions. It was 3pm, after long talks I finally decided on who I was going to vote for…NONE OF THEM!!

Without going too deep into the whys & wherefores, I felt that I was just swaying more towards one party than the others because they were the best of a bad bunch. None of them inspired me, I have no particular warmth or trust in any of them. Different parties, with similar ideologies & policies promising that they would radically change things for you, this country. The mere fact that they were promising such things that they had not particularly delivered before & more than likely wouldn’t in the future made me feel like I actually didn’t want to support any of them.

You have only got to look at how they live their lives, spend their budgets, the money that they waste on themselves even, to see they are not out to purely do best by you. It’s spread across the media of the goings on in the world of politics & how things are run. We can’t deny it, but many do sweep it under the carpet as that’s what just happens it seems. Or maybe like me, best of a bad bunch voting.

May be I have made the wrong decision by not voting, but give me someone who does inspire me, give me someone I could trust with my granny, give me someone who didn’t just ‘follow’ & then I would love to vote. Give me someone I can believe in wholly, who I feel has integrity & the highest good will of all man in their hearts. Then, you can have my vote.

Your undercover Blogger…Mary Poppins. x


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