Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Storming Speedo Start

Thurrock young swimmers aged between 9-12 yrs entered the first round of Speedo fresh from Essex victory.

The Speedo team was as follows: Girls -Tillie Geggus, Kayleigh Umfreville, Mollie Merritt, Eloise Lyons, Hope Jones, Aimee Newport, Ellie Louise Sharpe, Renae Dawes, Eavie Mickley, Imani Okoh, Chloe Wood, Brooke Fairchild, Imagine Stuart, Darcey Morris, Lily May, Bethany Gannon, and Chelsea Clarke. Boys – Salaam Motin, George Epsly, James Day, Kalaam Motin, Mason Riddington, Aaron Clarke, Louie Ridgeway, James Martindale, Luke Sheridan, Andrew Martindale, Tom Lyons, Jay Pikington, Harry Reynolds, and Lewis Cutting.

The afternoon was electrifying with strong individual swims across the board from veteran speedo swimmers to novices on their first speedo outing. It saw some swimmers racing more than once and in some cases a year above their age. But it was the relays where the real show took place and Thurrock all but dominated! Every relay whether it was 4 x 25 freestyle or 4 x 25 medley was exciting, having each and every spectator on the edge of their seat!!! Races were fast and furious and Blackshots rang to cheers and chants from all.

Thurrock was up against strong competition with the likes of Romford and two London Clubs to mention but a few. It was a tense moment when the final scores were announced. It came down to a local derby between Thurrock and Romford with Thurrock yet again finishing the afternoon the victors!

The glory was written all over the faces of the swimmers reiterating that they truly are a team to be reckoned with, of which their coaches Nikki Ladlow and Karen Epsly can take due credit.


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