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Burglary Roadshow in Corringham

Essex Police’s burglary awareness road show rolled into Thurrock, as it visited Corringham High Street today, Wednesday, May 26.

Officers from Corringham were on hand to meet with shoppers and give them the latest crime reduction advice. The mounted unit were also present to help bring in the crowds for local officers to speak to.

A large TV media display positioned on the high street gave a stark reminder of the importance of home security in a film featuring an ex-offender: “I used to walk down streets, try doors, and you’re guaranteed that out of 20 houses, you’d find three or four of those with back doors open,” he said.

Security demonstrations and leaflets were available for members of the public to get individual advice about what steps can be taken to safeguard their home against being burgled.

Thurrock district commander, Chief Insp Paul Moor, said: “We are making significant inroads in tackling burglary, and across the division we have recently brought many key players to justice.

“Today is a great way in educating the public on how they can help us in our fight against the burglar. We are asking all residents to be security conscious, especially as the weather hots up and people are more likely to leave windows open. We are finding that people are breaking into sheds and garages and are selling the loot on at boot sales, so outbuildings should be fully secured too. People house expensive items in garages and sheds, so it really is worth investing in a proper security system to deter thieves.

“The words from the convicted burglar in the Essex Police film should serve as a stark reminder to everyone to practice good home security. Most burglars are opportunistic and will prey on a house that is easier to get into, so we urge everyone to apply a common sense approach to ventilation and only leave windows open if you are in the room at the time, securing them at all times when you go out.”

Chief Insp Moor said his team are working hard to combat a crime which has a devastating effect on families across the district. He added: “In my opinion, burglary is one of the most traumatic crimes for someone to go through. To have someone intrude your home and take your possessions can have a lasting impact on the whole family.

“My team and I work tirelessly to prevent burglary and bring those responsible to justice, and I hope today will give residents a real insight in how simple but effective some of our advice is.”

The force’s iconic comedy films, featuring Norman, were also screened as engaging reminders of the security tips people can take away and incorporate into their daily routines.

The road show is part of Operation Hornet, the force’s dynamic response to burglaries.


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