Thurrock Park Campaign Gathers Pace

COMMUNITY activist, Keith Hatcher reports from the meeting on the 6th June at Tyrells Hall regarding the proposed expansion of the Port of Tilbury.

“Many of the residents did not receive the letter from Thames Thurrock Gateway Development Corporation advising of this development planned by Tilbury Dock.

The plan is of the new development at the ASDA roundabout that Tilbury Dock wants to build.

It consists of 34 warehouse units covering 931000 square feet 15.2 metres high and a truck park for 568 trucks.

The port intends that it will operate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

It is a few hundred metres from Thurrock Park and fifty metres from Tilbury.

The trucks will be entering the park at all hours of the day the ASDA roundabout being the one and only entry point

Those at the meeting decided that we should oppose the development on three fronts

The truck park will be noisy with trucks leaving and entering day and night parking with night heaters on and fridge motors the environment will be damaged with dirt, dust and fumes.

The warehouses will be operating 24 hours a day seven days a week and the noise and light pollution will be immense.
The road to ASDA will be damaged and blocked by the movement of vehicles and the safety will be impaired how long will it be before there is a fatal accident caused by an overworked and tired trucker not paying full attention. It could be your husband, wife or child we all shop at ASDA.

The warehouses will be 15.22 metres high on a raised platform so the same as three normal houses on top of each other. This is green belt and a flood plain which once gone will not return. There are alternatives as stated in the literature produced by the ports planners, in North Tilbury, but this could be more costly to them.

If we are to oppose this effectively then we need the support of all of you NOW!

E mail your opposition to the planned development to:
Quote: 10/50157/TTGOUT

Copy to

Write to him at Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation. Gateway House. Stonehouse Lane. Purfleet. Essex. RM19 1NX

It is important to register your disapproval of the plans and do not worry if you got a letter which says that the date for responses is 3rd June 2010 this date is extended to the end of July at a minimum but please send the e mail now.

We will be having another meeting at Tyrells Hall 4th July 2010 at 1.30 start to update and also decide what else to do.

If we do nothing then it will be built which will, Lower the value of your house, Spoil your community, Take away the safety of the flood plain, Damage the roads and reduce the safety when they have an alternative .

Tell your neighbours it is important
come to the meetings

If we all tell two neighbours and they tell two neighbours each then the word will get around.

5 Responses to "Thurrock Park Campaign Gathers Pace"

  1. Thurrock For All   June 8, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Just hope enough Tilbury People get involved. Apathy high I fear. Original SE Masterplan looked to re sculpture a dead plot of subsequent proposals add to blight!
    ASDA Roundabout is an area everone should be concerned about.

  2. TilburyFan1   June 14, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Er hello, 100’s of jobs for local people! Biggest economic depression for a century! His house looks very nice well I think I’d like to have a chance of a job and earning enough for a nice house as well. If this gets defeated he’ll be complaining that we’re all good for nothing scroungers next. What planet is this bloke on. In case he didn’t notice ASDA already operates 24/7 with lorries going in and out, I don’t suppose he minds that because it suits him. I’M ALL RIGHT JACK

  3. KeithHatcher   June 30, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    TilburyFan1. I am on the same planet as you ! We do not say the development should not go ahead just it should be more sympathetic to the locality. In the docks prospectus it says they have another site in North Tilbury which is not near a residential development but it is 2.5 Kms further to travel. A lot of people in Tilbury close to this development site do not want it in their back yard. If truth be known neither would you.
    I fully support more jobs and I would like the dock to commit to employing local talent instead of cheaper alternatives from elsewhere but they will not commit. As they are trying to acheive this in the cheapest way possible and hang the community I am opposed.
    I think we should be allowed our say to protect our community.
    I want you to be at an advantage for any jobs.
    I want a safe development with guarantees and I am sure you would stand with me to protect the safety of residents.
    I represent a large residents gruop who want to protect our environment I would never call you names I in my life had had the problem of unemployment so know what it feels like. It is bit of difference between a few lorries going into Asda and 500 to 600 operating 24/7.
    Lets face it the main reason for this is money
    The dock wants more room so move something out into warehouses
    Move the trucks out so that the space taken by them can be used to store more cargo.
    They are not a benevolent association they are in this to profit not to help Tilbury.

  4. Thurrock For All   July 2, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    At planning 1st July 2010 – Thurrock Councillors support Forth Ports project.
    Pity none of them are going to live their when project is complete.

  5. Thurrock For All   July 2, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Sorry ” …there…”

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