Monday, May 27, 2024

Global Theatre Co.: Situation Comedy

SItuation Comedy was written by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke in the seventies. The pair were best known for scripts such as Man About The House and Doctor at Large.

The semi-autobiographical Situation Comedy is deeply entrenched in seventies, “Whoops Vicar, Where’s My Knickers!” scenarios. That would leave most people fleeing in their droves but what one tends to forget is this is a quality script with line after line of gilt-edged comedy.

Having said that, the actors still need to deliver the lines and produce a credible performance. Global certainly did as they seamlessly delivered cracking line after cracking line. Yes, it was dated but it was still very funny. Keith Cummings and Richard Holliss delivered the lines with consummate ease and with a busy set with a lot of props looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

This could have easily signalled the worst of am.dram instead it demonstrated the best. Well done.


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