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Kidz Filmz Struck Off Companies House

KIDZ FILMZ, the film company which was a unit of the Corringham-based Stage 22 School of Arts has been struck off the register at Companies House.

The demise of the film company comes eight months after YourThurrock reported that the company had left a trail of “debts and disappointments” when filming in the Isle of Wight.

Kieran Woodbury: “The Lost Son”

YourThurrock understands that soon after the publication of the article, a meeting took place involving concerned parents and members of the stage school. Sources state that they agreed to cut off all links between themselves and Mr Woodbury.

The demise of the company appears to see the curtain coming down on this particular chapter of the career of it’s owner, Kieran Woodbury, 28, who, since the age of eleven has promoted a series of imaginative schemes from travel agencies, shipping companies, theatre groups and television stations.

However, since 1993 there have been a trail of inconsistencies in Mr Woodbury’s publicity machine that cast doubts, in many people’s minds, as to the credibility of his ventures.

For some, the doubts began in 2005 when he was fined £25 for putting a blue light on his car to stop traffic at the scene of a road traffic collision in Stanford-le-Hope.

Now information has come to light on a catalogue of inconsistencies in the well-oiled publicity machine of Stage 22 and Kidz Filmz.

One such incident occured in 2005.

In 2005, Mr Woodbury’s theatre group were set to run Dick Whittington as a pantomime and had hired out the Chafford Hundred Campus as a venue.

Two weeks before the panto, a press release was sent to the Thurrock Gazette with the tragic news that a member of the production team’s son, Liam, was knocked down and killed by a car in Nottingham.

The story published in the Gazette announced that because of the tragedy, the panto would be cancelled.

A week later, another press release was received that stated that Mr Woodbury had visited the grieving parents: Matthew and Jan Trafford who implored Mr Woodbury to put the show on in memory of Liam.

This story was also published, as was, a week later, a story reporting the success of the panto and the £8,000 raised for the Think Campaign.

YourThurrock has contacted the following organisations and asked them to confirm that such an incident took place.

The Nottingham Evening Post: No trace of any incident in their archive/clippings.

Nottingham Electoral Roll: No trace of Matthew and Jan Trafford.

Nottingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital: No trace of Liam Trafford being admitted to their hospital.

Nottinghamshire Constabulary: Their Investigation Traffic Unit had no trace/log of officers attending any such incident

Nottingham Coroners Court: “We have no record of a death being recorded in the name of Liam Trafford”

In 2007, Mr Woodbury was asked to account for the discrepancies outlined.

He said: “This is what Matthew told me. I believe he lives in Scotland now and I don’t have his contact details to hand.”

Since November 2009, every effort has been made to contact Mr Woodbury in order to give him his right of reply on this matter and a whole host of other inconsistencies however he has vacated his business premises in Fobbing, taken down a number of websites and switched off two mobile phones.


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