Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Sharon McGovern: Afraid: Not Afraid: Part 1

THERE is over fifteen minutes of interview footage with Sharon. We didn’t want to cut a second, so we divided it into two parts.

Sharon spent an hour at her book signing for “Afraid” last week at WH Smith’s in Lakeside. It was so popular that Sharon will be there again tomorrow at 10am.

Sharon’s story is remarkable. Tragically, the abuse is commonplace but it is the manner of her survival, her fortitude and her strength to now help and guide others that is a key part of her story.

So, they are considering having a Directly Elected Mayor in Thurrock soon. We think we know who most people in Grays would vote for given a chance!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Just lstened to your interview. I am confused to as why but i shed a few tears, you done a great job and really are an inspiration, you will go on to achieve bigger and better things i am so sure of it. I know this wont be the last we hear of you. Congratulations. All my love xxx


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