Thursday, April 18, 2024

St Clere’s Chicken Rule The Roost!

AT the heart of the St Clere’s School in Stanford lies the Nurture Garden. It is a labour of love for both staff and students. The centre piece of the garden are the chickens, who are beloved by all the students.

The garden works on many fronts. Firstly, it is a aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Secondly, it is a true partnership between students and staff and lastly, it teaches the students so much in, and no pun intended, an organic way. Having said that, we were keen to find out why they had laid out astroturf instead of grass?!

YourThurrock spoke to Assistant Head, Cheryl Hastie and three of the hardworking students. The chickens declined to comment.


  1. Is this part of jamie Olivers new plan, not only do the kids eat healthy they get to grow and kill their own food, at least that way they know where it came from 🙂


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