Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Two Tory Councillor Volunteer “Pay Cut”

LITTLE THURROCK Councillor Rob Gledhill last night made a commitment to not only reduce his councillor allowance by 5% but also cease his £20 Broadband allowance.

The savings were part of a raft proposed by the Tories last night at a full council meeting.

Cllr Gledhill went a stage further. This morning he contacted the payroll department and asked them to make the amendments.

He was soon followed by Ockendon councillor, Lynn Carr who also asked for the same adjustments to be made.

5% equates to around £400 for a basic allowance of £8,000. Many councillors are on considerably more.

YourThurrock has sent a request to all 49 councillors to let us know when they have also contacted the payroll department to make the same request.


  1. Lest see how many other Councillors will follow this gesture.

    Come on Komrade Kent lets see you do the decent thing and offer up some of your salary.

  2. Councillors – take the hit now! Otherwise between 8 & 10 % would be more realistic next year with the beginning of the £35 / £40 million big cuts.


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