Sunday, December 10, 2023

Tory Anger At Funding U-Turn

Tory Councillor Rob Gledhill has spoken of his anger at suggestions on alternative funding for forums and voluntary services being “ignored”.

Cllr Gledhill said “At the full Council meeting, I suggested that the money slashed from the forum budget be supplemented with money from the Social Responsibility Fund. After the meeting I suggested to Cllr Kent that the remainder of this fund be used to replace suggested savings to the voluntary sector. The new cabinet agenda has now been printed and I can see no reference to either.”

The cabinet agenda for the meeting on 11th August contains the full list of the alternatives agreed at the last full council but no reference is made to that alternative funding. A number of the savings also appear to be contradicted, slashing the possible savings by over £50,000.

Cllr Gledhill added “I find it shocking that the sensible suggestions put forward to keep the forums and volunteer service going this year at no cost to Thurrock residents appear to be ignored. I am also angry that the Labour group have put up this facade of every idea will be looked at, but then promptly ignores them.

“It makes you wonder what they have earmarked the money in the Social Responsibility Fund for?”


  1. The Total Forum admin costs are about £15000 per annum. The other monies which the Forums utilise, they act as custodians of the right to bid for, not holders of funds, as all monies are Council Funds they have been earmarked for withdrawal next year. The Forum system which is in place could be adjusted and tweaked / it is the basis for a new ward by ward community system – removing all funding lays waste a system which will inevitably have to be reintroduced but what volunteer will spend hundreds of man hours again to re build a system when there is uncertainty and lack of commitment from the Council and National Government?


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