Sunday, September 24, 2023

GCSE Exam Special: All Time Record Results For Thurrock

IT HAS been a triumphant day for all ten Thurrock senior schools with result after result illustrating that this is truly a golden age for the educational establishments.

At 10am, the schools opened their doors for this special day. The students poured in, opened the envelopes and then the hugging and whopping began as all the hard work, the late nights. the relentless coursework, the pre-exam nerves was all worth it.

Each school has a different story to tell and so we will be presenting ten separate news item paying tribute to each school.

Similarly, each school has a statistic that truly reflects their performance and that will be reflected in the way each story is presented.

Chafford Hundred are delighted that they have reached the top of the chart. Third in 2008, second in 2009 and now top with an increase of over 17%!
But also look at St Clere’s, a very very impressive 16 % improvement in the year that there Ofsted gained six outstandings!

Isn’t it something when schools like William Edwards and Hassenbrook improve by over 10% and they almost seem overshadowed.

Ockendon School improved by 14% as well as having 96% of students gaining 5 A* to C.

Four years ago, Gateway Academy’s results stood at 13%. It is a brave statement to say: “We will get there” but they did with 44%. To jump 31% in three years is once again, one of the results of the year.

Finally. look at Ormiston Park. They could easily sit at 13% and be excused as a school in transition but instead they have improved by 15%. They now sit at 38% and you get the feeling that there is a long long way to go yet. Their Contextual Value Added (CVA) puts them in the top ten in the country. A phenomenal achievement.

The 5 A* to C (inc English and Maths) results are:

1. Chafford Hundred: 79% Up 17%
2. Gable Hall: 70% Up 11%
3. Grays Convent: 68% Up 4%
4. William Edwards: 67% Up 11%
5. St Clere’s: 67%: Up 15%
6. Hassenbrook: 64% Up 10%
7. Ockendon: 46% Up 15%
8. Gateway Academy: 44% Up 13%
9. Ormiston Park Academy: 38.3% Up 15%
10.Grays School: 30% Down 5%


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