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Andrea’s Blog: Back To School

Wow! I feel that I blinked and suddenly the six weeks holidays were over. If you speak to anyone that works in a school in Thurrock they will correct you that it was actually 5½ weeks holiday this year. Lots of schools in Thurrock have gone back to school today including my two children. We had a great six weeks holiday and when I look back, we did a lot but I had planned a lot more.

It’s the back to school routines that make me chuckle. Shall we start with the dreaded school shoe run? I, like many other parents, made the trip to Clarks in Lakeside to get new school shoes. I was going to book an appointment on-line but that didn’t materialize, so I took a chance one Thursday in the middle of August and attempted to get there for opening at 10am. I actually arrived at about 10.20am after the usual dramas of getting out of the house on time and it was not too bad as I only had to wait for about 5 minutes. Had I left it 10 minutes later it would have been a very different story. We had a few choices of styles and the children were happy with their new shoes. What I was not that impressed with was that when they measure your children’s feet and go to get your requested styles they also bring out without asking a pair of trainers for your little ones offering a discount if you buy both!! Very tempting but not really what I went in there for. I know they have got to increase sales in the present economic climate but it is a little naughty as we all know what happens next – you say no thank you and your children try and persuade you otherwise. I came out with two new pairs of school shoes, a lighter purse and two children whinging that they do really need new trainers!!

Another thing about going back to school is that all children argue at some point and I am sure that any mummy who says that they have not been tearing their hair out at some point in the holidays is lying! Yet when your children go back to school even though some days have been like World War Three at home you miss them!! I am this morning and it is only the first day. I think we would all agree that it is nice when your children and their friends are very excited about going back to school. It is one less thing to worry about when your children are looking forward to going back to school and seeing their friends and teachers.

I have come to the decision that someone somewhere needs to invent a way of labeling everything for the new school term. I have spent hours ironing on labels over the last couple of weeks and making sure that everything has a name on it. I do not go as far as labeling socks but I now a few people that do!! There must be an easier way – whoever comes up with such an invention will be a very rich man/woman!

I am very proud of the fact that I helped the children with their summer holiday homework well before the very end of the holidays. I thought the school came up with a very good idea this year as all years had to do something on London. I like many other parents I know, enjoyed one or more trips to London to complete the homework. The children loved it and it was quite amusing sitting for half an hour by the Tower of London while my little girl drew her sketch of Tower Bridge. The tourists were giving us some funny looks and I was asked about twenty times if I would take a photo of people with Tower Bridge in the background. It was great to people watch too! We went on a River Boat Cruise from Tower Bridge to Westminster and our guide on the trip was very informative and made us all laugh. The children and myself learnt a lot and it definitely helped the children with their creative writing for their project. Yesterday, there were lots of Facebook updates about leaving homework until the last minute but I am proud to say I was not one of them.

This morning like many parents I took the traditional first day back at school photos of my children that are then circulated to all the family. It is scary how quickly your children grow up and as I looked at my photos I felt a lump in my throat. I had got organized for the first day back but it was still a rush this morning – but it will get better. I hope my two are enjoying their first day back and yes I will look forward to picking them up at 3.15pm.

Another school year begins………..


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