Sunday, May 19, 2024

O2’s Big Jim Counters No Masts On Chafford’s Claims

AT a Thurrock Council Planning meeting recently, O2 representative Jim Robertson told the committee that he was impressed with the work of the No Masts On Chafford group and in particular the documentary that they had out together and which sits in youtube. He did express his disappointment that he did not get a chance to contribute.

We thought we would redress that and so invited Jim for an interview to discuss where the application process stood at the moment.

At the meeting, Jim declared that it would be a matter of when and not if for a successful application to be passed by the Planning Committee meeting. Was he that confident and how does it sit with him to have 02 painted as the bad guy?


  1. Jim comes across as an alright guy, he obvioulsy wants what is best for both parties, he is right that Chafford is a very fast growing community and they will require technological advances as they grow so these masts seem inevitable.

    maybe they could place one in the car park where the video was shot??

  2. In the video Jim mentions that they want to install the mast here, what a shame this interview was not made exactly where they proposed to install the next mast.

    You will see its just meters away from a couple of back Gardens to the Houses on Felipe Road and Frances Avenue – not Fenner Road.

    I would not object to it being behind bannatynes, or any of the industrial areas around Chafford Hundred, just not on someone’s doorstep or back Garden.

    Even the electricty companies would not object to them using the pylons, O2 take them up on their offer?

    If this goes ahead, they need to install masts every 500meters based on the 3G technology needs – so it won’t be long.


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