Friday, May 24, 2024

Stacey Pleads For One Last Chance

A WOMAN who pled guilty to shoplifting in Grays was given one last chance by the courts to get her life in order.

Stacey Marie Horning, 22, Cole Avenue, Chadwell St Mary had admitted to stealing a handbag from Internacionale in Grays Shopping Centre on the 14th June.

The court heard that she had committed a string of offences, most recently for causing a disturbance in Trafalgar Square.

But Ms Horning wrote and sent a personal letter to the Presiding Magistrate, Mr Dixey where she pleaded that she was just at the point on turning her life around.

She said: “I have committed many of those offences while on drink and drugs but now I have a real chance to start afresh. I have a new job, a new man and a more stable way of life.

“I am not a sofa surfer any more. I have a home. I sort of blame my mum but I really blame myself”.

She was fined a £100.


  1. Hold on, string of offences including causing a disturbance and shoplifting, she also admits to have been on drink and drugs so I assume some of the offences were related to that, and she gets let off with a £100 fine, can someone please tell me how much this case has cost the tax payer to bring her to justice, including the police time and the shop managers time, what a joke the justice system is in this country.

    I might as well go out and do a bank job then write to the courts saying I have changed my ways, maybe I can get a slap on the wrists……….

  2. Surprised she has the ability to write the letter, I agree Lambo this is carrying over from our thoughts of yesterday.

    On another thread the same magistrate ran away after remanding a prisoner, so what can we expect when he gets a nice letter from a con.

    A total farce, its justice for perpertrator and not the victims.


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