Monday, March 27, 2023

Chief Exec Walks The Walk

Thurrock Councils new Chief Executive Graham Farrant continued his tour of the borough this week with a trip to Stanford East and Corringham Town ward.

Conservative Councillors Danny Nicklen and Phil Anderson accompanied Mr Farrant on a two-hour walkabout around the ward and were able to show the new council chief how council services in the area are benefiting local people and some specific issues that are facing the ward.

As well as visiting the housing office, leisure centre, sheltered complexes, and library, Mr Farrant saw first hand the poor state of some roads and access on the Frost estate, speeding issues on the Sorrells, the need to keep improving facilities on the Crux estate off Gardner Avenue, the impact that the new port development will have on traffic and the environment, the condition of the park, and the importance of a thriving town centre to local people.

Mr Farrant said “I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to not only see first hand issues such as the port development up close for myself but also meet people who are directly affected by the huge changes facing communities like Stanford and Corringham”

Cllr Nicklen added “with all of the major developments taking place in our ward its reassuring that Mr Farrant recognises their potential impact”

Cllr Anderson added “We have a vibrant and dynamic local community here in Stanford and Corringham and its been a pleasure to host Mr Farrant”


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