Friday, March 24, 2023

New Build News At Ormiston

SPADE and soil are now at the ready as it appears that the new build Ormiston Park Academy will be ready sooner than the initial scheduled date.

There have been numerous meetings with the builders, architects, governors and senior management to monitor the progress of the work and things seem to be progressing apace.

So what has been happening with the plans over the summer holidays to make way for this fast approaching new build?

Senior Management at Ormiston Park Academy have been very busy. One Support Staff member said: “When we went away, there didn’t seem to be a massive change to the eagerly awaited plans for the new build but when we came back, everything was completely different!”

Ormiston Park Academy can now begin to visualise themselves in the new build.

The new build will be ready even earlier that what Ormiston Park Academy had planned for. At this point it appears that visible progress is being made on a daily basis and they can now only presume that they will need to be increasing their planning pace and making way for a confirmed date for the new build.

Principal Tess Walker said: “Obviously, this is the decision we were hoping for; there’s a huge feeling of relief at the Academy and in the community that the new build will go ahead.

“We are here first and foremost for our local children and what better way to support them than with an exciting new build, complete with all mod cons, essential for their high level learning. We will use our new building for the good of the whole community.


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