Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jamaican Ship Detained In Tilbury

A JAMAICAN SHIP was detained in the Port of Tilbury after being found to have numerous faults.

Ferodi Shipping Ltd’s vessel was detained in Tilbury for four days because: The charts had expired; the water level indicator was broken; the fire pump was inoperative and the chain locker water tight doors were inoperative.

A major non-conformity was identified with respect to the maintenance and equipment due to the number and nature of deficiencies found on board.

Other deficiencies found included: the hospital toilet was inoperative; the crew shower facilities were unusable the instructions for the main engine emergency starting were missing; the emergency escape from the engine room was not marked and the inflatable liferafts were not properly marked the id was incorrect.

The ship was released once the faults had been corrected.


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