Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Sharon McGovern’s Blog: Rising Up Against Abuse

In my last blog I spoke about treating the trauma, since then I have undertaken a lot of research into what is actually available for all victims and survivors of abuse. Believe me, I was shocked. There are many drop in centres and organisations dealing solely with specific problems, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, anger management, lone parenting, mental health issues ect; but I could not find one drop in centre for child abuse victims and survivors. Rape crisis yes, but rape of an adult and child /historic child sexual abuse is a different issue in itself, so no help there then.

So I decided to do something about this, my aim- to open a drop in centre here in Thurrock, my objective- to facilitate all those victims and survivors of child abuse, be it rape, neglect trauma mental or physical abuse, and many of the problems dealing with child sexual abuse current or historic.

To kick this off I will be holding a Survivors Day Picnic at Grays Beach in April next year, where survivors and victims and their friends and family can get together informally, there will be an open mike for all victims and survivors, entertainment for the children and stalls from different organisations as well as craft stalls cake stalls all the usual. I will be inviting along councillors and other government leaders to enable them to see how important it is for us to have a drop in centre, not just here in Thurrock but in the country as a whole, each major town and city should be facilitating the victims and survivors of abuse so in turn we get to help them in conjuction with other organisations to better handle their problems that stem from their abuse.

On the 10th october I will be speaking at a rally in Manchester: million women rising against domestic violence, another way women hold onto childhood trauma is by reliving the childhood through the relationships they choose, men also suffer through violence in relationships and they too find it difficult to connect, again shame and guilt is what stops most people getting help, the drop in centres will be for ALL abuse victims/survivors men and women alike.

I get sick of hearing the same old story, NO FUNDING. If we can afford to send our council to America to hand pick social workers to come and work in our country, we should be able to afford to care for the people we have here who are in desperate need.

The money our council waste each year is disgusting, just look around Grays Tower Block for instance, six blocks of flats, all surrounded by metal fencing and scaffolding, this has been hired to sit around the flats for two years in November, at what cost??? WHY has the job not been done yet if the danger of falling facia is so real??? The money spent on this alone could have been put to better use, the residents feel like they are living in a slum, believe me I can prove that as I am one of those residents, so getting back to the issue in hand, money that could be used to benefit ALL sectors in our society is wasted and we have nowhere to send our abuse victims, WHAT ARE THE COUNCIL GONNA DO ABOUT IT???????

Unless we demand what we want and fight for it in a clear and constructive way we will get nowhere, so if you agree that this service is missing yet needed, then come along to Grays Beach and show your support next April. Thank you to Luke Love at Thurrock Council for seeing my vision and giving support as well as staff (specially Shirley) at Grays Beach for all their encouragement and support.

If you need to know more contact me at scousequeen@hotmail.co.uk and thank you all for your support. I will be on BBC Essex on 1st Oct 12-2pm on the Sadie Nine show. I am also at Corringham Library for a night of inspirational talk, see gazette for details, thats on 6th oct, then I’m in Manchester for the rally on 10th october. Be safe and stay positive xx

Thurrock Library Service is hosting an inspirational event with local author, Sharon McGovern at Corringham Library, St John’s Way, on Wednesday 6 October from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Sharon will be talking about her life and how positive thought can bring positive action.

Her book, ‘Afraid’, is a heartbreaking but ultimately encouraging account of one girl’s survival through years of abuse and as a woman in her fight for justice.

Increasingly more and more accounts of abuse are coming to light through the general media, shedding light on this sensitive subject. All forms of abuse (sexual, physical, psychological and emotional) can have terrible life-lasting effects on those involved.

Tickets cost £2.50 and are available from Corringham Library or by phoning 01375 678534.


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