Ockendon Voices: Strangely Mute

EARLIER this year, South Ockendon Community Forum (SOCF) was given nearly a thousand pounds of taxpayers money to fund a history project called “Ockendon Voices”.

The project aimed to record on film the experiences, anecdotes and memories of the people of Thurrock.

However, almost a year later, the project has failed to publish one single video or film.

Local councillors have also expressed dismay that as Thurrock Council celebrates Heritage Month, SOCF has “dragged its feet” on being able to join in on the celebrations.

A spokesperson for SOCF said: “The process of training people to use and record a camera takes a long time. We have trained a number of people and they were out at Party In The Park in July.

“We are unable to set a date as to when the films will be published.”

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