Monday, March 27, 2023

Your Voice at the Thameside: That’s Entertainment!

YOU can only assume that when people first heard a 12-year-old Joss Stone they went “Wow” The same is applied to Louisa Johnson whose fantastic R’n’B voice is truly beyond her years. Just hearing one song is very frustrating: you want to hear a whole album.

Louisa is the first of the artists to appear on our Your Voice channel and was one of the thirteen singers that appeared at the Thameside on Thursday night.

It was a great night. The show was a seamless piece of organisation by Thurrock Music Services Shana Elliot-Hayers and Jo Nyland.

The key theme of the pilot show is that it is a chance for the performers to learn a little bit more. This is not about fame. It may sound boring but it is woven into the curriculum and not weaving unrealistic dreams.

The show certainly impressed Deputy Leader Valerie Morris-Cook who dashed straight from work to be at the show.

Cllr Morris-Cook said: “This was such an entertaining evening with thirteen very different artistes. I really like the central theme of nurturing talent and not chasing dreams.”

Cllr Morris-Cook was joined by cllrs’ Curtis, Herd, Arnold and Curtis as well as members of Thurrock Music Services. An audience of 150 joined them in what is bound to be a regular feature in 2011.

Shana Elliot-Hayers said: “We were very pleased with many aspects of the show but it is a pilot. During half term, the team will sit down and discuss what we need to improve when we roll the shows out on a monthly basis come January.


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