Corringham councillor slams Labour’s waste collection

Stanford East and Corringham Town councillor Phil Anderson writes:

“I want to stand with local residents in condemning Labour’s decision to implement bagged waste collection on the Frost estate in Corringham without any consultation whatsoever.

“I warned the cabinet member two weeks ago that to go ahead without consulting local people was short sighted and wrong. I even produced a simple, inexpensive consultation plan which would have given residents a chance to have their say in designing the service. This was completely ignored, with one local Labour councillor saying that it was “already decided” and that asking residents would just be “costly and time consuming”.

“I am appalled that Labour recently staged a big high profile event in Stanford to show that they were “listening”, only to run roughshod over public opinion on a local issue that really matters to everyone living on the Frost estate. It appears that despite the window dressing, old habits die hard at Thurrock Labour.

Yours Sincerely,

Cllr Phil Anderson
Conservative, Stanford East & Corringham Town.

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